Buckhorn Springs Events Calendar

January 2023

Community Yoga & Sound Baths


Join us on Sunday, January 22 and 29 for a day of restorative movement and a healing sound bath. Come enjoy the beauty of our Dodec space for these wonderful healing community gatherings.


- 9:45-10:45 am all-levels community yoga class with Heather ($12)

- 11:30 am-12:30 pm healing sound bath with Inanna ($35)


Save your spot at: https://januarysundayseries.eventbrite.com


March 2023



About the event: Join Portland yoga teacher, Abby Kraai, for a weekend of yoga and a joyful community! This retreat will include 2 nights in the mountains of southern Oregon, 4 yoga classes, and 6 meals catered by Paige Common. All levels are welcome; love of laughter and silliness is a must!


Sign up: https://www.abbywiththerods.com/events




About the event: This all-inclusive retreat is a DEEP DIVE with DRIVEN WomenWomen forget how much we can INSPIRE one another. No one understands us LIKE US. Do you know those moments in your life that changed the trajectory of your life? You look back now and see how that ONE choice catapulted your success. Simply stated, the moment was a GAME CHANGER. The women that attended my retreat in June of 2022 found the four days transformative to both their personal development but also their professional success. The safe container of women created a volcano of change within each of them.


About the host: About Maraya: Maraya Brown is a Yale and Functional Medicine Trained CNM, MSN with her undergraduate degree in marketing.  She is a mom, wife, keynote speaker, and CEO who left her Fortune 50 Corporate Career to serve women. She deeply appreciates and respects food as medicine and mindset matter.


More information and registration: https://www.marayabrown.com/retreat




About the event: This four-day health and wellness retreat focuses on recharging and resetting your mind and body in a quiet, scenic location. Each day, you will be led in group conversation by Dr. LaTasha Miller, clinical psychologist, which is designed to help you explore your experiences and let go of your stress. The retreat also includes other activities to center your mind, such as meditation and journaling. Because we believe your physical wellness and relaxation are also important, each day includes opportunities to take care of your body such as yoga, hikes, and massage. Three daily chef-prepared meals to nourish and comfort you will be included as well! You will leave this weekend feeling restored and with new insights on how to take care of yourself and your needs. We look forward to hosting you.


About the host: Dr. LaTasha Miller, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who graduated from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a focus on general mental health. She has training in various modalities to treat depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma symptomology. Dr.Miller has worked with various populations, including LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, veterans, and those with chronic illnesses. She always works to understand people through a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed lens. Dr. Miller is passionate about aiding individuals in exploring and understanding who they are and what they need. How to sign up:


Go to https://www.proteapsychservices.com/events or contact us at 541-256-3357.





About the event: Picture three days of shamanic ceremonies and dream work aligning with the Spring Equinox in the beautiful Siskiyou Mountains outside Ashland, Oregon. This retreat will be on the healing lands of Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center from Thursday, 3/23/23, 5 pm to Sunday, 3/26/23, 1 pm. This spiritual retreat combines Aboriginal Dreamtime spirituality, Native American ceremony, and Jungian dream interpretation into a guided, experience-it-for-yourself approach to receive a vision for your life, awaken it in the Dreamtime, and integrate it into your everyday life.


About the host: Michael has coached clients to awaken and understand their spiritual nature and purpose for 35 years. He has practiced psychotherapy for the past 26 years and trained with a shaman for 22 years. This retreat includes:• 3 days of Shamanic Ceremony, Dream Work, Sharing Circles, and Community facilitated by Michael Hoffman.• The Ceremonies include Dreamtime Shamanic Journeys, Sharing Circles, a Medicine Wheel, and a Sweat Lodge.• Lodging in Comfort for 3 Nights at the Historic Buckhorn Springs Lodge.• Vegan, Gluten-free, and Meat options for Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners at the Buckhorn Springs Lodge.


You can get more information at: https://www.naturalwayofbeing.com/dreamtime-spring-2023-retreat. Or you can call Michael Hoffman at 541-639-6246 to explore ways you can make your dream retreat real.





About the event: This workshop is a dynamic exploration of the inner work that prepares people to fully embrace elderhood and become the elders whose wisdom and gifts are so urgently needed in today’s world. Participants will take steps on the dynamic, experiential path to conscious eldering. We will also focus on the vital role elders can serve in their communities, especially in supporting the growth, aspirations, and gifts of the younger in a partnership of generations.


Conscious Elders In Service To Community will focus on these themes:  Growing whole vs growing old, The potential for the elder third of life to be a time of growth, fulfillment, passion, and service. The inner work of conscious eldering that helps one fully claim and embody their potential as they age: transforming disempowering Beliefs; reviewing and releasing the Past; finding Purpose and Meaning; the importance of Community; and nurturing one’s Spiritual Connection. How a deepened connection with the natural world can support one’s growth as an elder. What it can mean to be an elder in this time of momentous cultural transformation. How we can translate elder passion into tangible ways of being of service to the community and especially young people?


For more information: https://cascadiaquest.org/conscious-eldering


June 2023



About the event: Are you and your partner looking for a magical and transformative experience? Join Jonathan & Heike Hudson and Triambika Ma Vive at the Shamanic Lovers Retreat for an unforgettable week of connection and exploration with your beloved. Through a combination of communication skills, playful conflict resolution, sexual energy, sex magic, touch, connection, sacredness, and divine union through spirituality, this retreat is designed to bring couples closer together in a safe and sacred environment as couples will only be engaging with the partner they came with.

We’ll provide everything you need to make your time together extraordinary – from private bedrooms to all meals created by farm-to-table Chef Dana Marie. This is the perfect opportunity to deepen your Divine Union, connection, love, and intimacy. Join us for a magical week of exploration, growth, and incredibly life-changing transformation.

Discover more here: Shamaniclovers.com





If you have any questions about the calendar or want to reach us directly, you can do so by emailing events@buckhornsprings.org or calling +1 (541) 488-2200.